Oil lamps - How to use them

How to use an oil lamp:

1 - Unscrew the burner and fill with preferably liquid paraffin which is smokeless and odorless. 
2 - Fill only three-quarters full.
3 - Rescrew the burner, without tilting, to avoid spilling the oil.  
4 - Carefully wipe any excess oil. 
5 - Let the oil soak into the wick before lighting.
6 - If the wick should be carbonised from previous usage, scratch away this part to obtain a good combustion and equal flame.
7 - Remove the glass chimney, adjust the wick to minimum height, then light. Now gently place the chimney in the prongs.
8 - The use of a French burner is slightly different (See French Burner section).

The height of the wick will adjust the flame.

WARNING : Do not leave a lit oil lamp without supervision.  Keep out of reach of children.

Lamp parts

Our lamps are sold including burner, wick and glass chimney. All spare parts can be purchased separately.

Each glass chimney fits a specific burner according to the diameter at the inside base of the burner.